Milbourn  Working Cattle Ranch

A  Ranching Experience Adventure

There are other events that can be planned for your group .

Cattle drives

Ranch Roping clinics

Sorting clinics

Trail rides / camp outs for saddle groups

Photography workshops

Spring pasture burns

Contact David Stackley with your idea. The ranch has been used as a movie set before.

Scheduled Event  Dates

October  13th - 16th , 2016               Fall Ranch Experience             Bring cows and calves in sorting pen, sort off and run through shoots, wean calves

 July around the 15th                             Shipping 90 day cattle                                     Go gather up cattle out of pastures and load on cattle trucks      


April 21-24 ,2016                                               Spring Ranch Experience            Bring cows and calves in sorting pens. Sort off and run throughshoots

 July middle to late                                Pasture weaning of calves                           Gather up cow calve pairs and wean out in a pasture using a rodear

November 25 & 26, 2       Roping and dragging of calves              Calves are ranch roped off horse back , dragged out for shots, castration,ear tagged                                                                                                                      and de-horned.

May 1st or 2nd week                    Roping and dragging of calves           Calves are ranch roped off of horse back, dragged out for shots,castration,                                                                                                                                        ear tagged and de-horned.

 First part of June 2016                                    Colt starting in Kansas City                     David will be helping 6 people start their colts in 3 days

Scheduled Events


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