A  Ranching Experience Adventure

I've gotten to go to the ranch one time. It was great being with other people who enjoy horses and using them to work cattle. I took Triscuit, who had never been around cattle, and I discovered that she is not interested in cows. I enjoyed meeting new horse friends. Working cattle is a lot of fun.
Jerry Schwein Andersen  3-3-2016

Rowdy and I have been to the Milbourne Ranch three times, for Fall gathering and weaning. David and Faith are the most wonderful hosts, David leading the crew each day with horsemanship pointers and ranch learning, and Faith serving delicious homemade food to the crew at noon and evening. Roxanne organizes the crew and does a wonderful job! I have been blessed to meet new friends and ride with current friends! The experience is something I look forward to each year! If you look closely, Rowdy is smiling as much as I am!

Donna Droge  3-5-2016

I love Milbourn Ranch and have been going twice a year for around twelve years now. I have cow bred quarter horses, and it really gives them a job to do, unlike the push for speed in sorting or penning. This is more reality based where you are dealing with cattle from a rancher's perspective, and the goal is to have the least amount of stress possible put on his cattle. David Stackley is excellent in helping you understand how to read cattle and how the cattle react to us in turn. He's also a gifted horseman and over the years I've watched him help many attendees with their horsemanship and helping their horses become more comfortable and willing around cattle. Next to riding in the mountains, this is my all time favorite thing to do horseback. Thank you David, and the entire Stackley family, for your hospitality and for opening your beautiful ranch to those of us wanting to live the ranching dream, if only for a few days. Donna Thompson 3-5-2016

I have been coming down form 19 years. I met David and Faith at cow working clinic being held at their ranch. They were so open, warm and friendly. A few years later in Scottsdale , Arizona. We each flew out, to help a clinician friend, do a demo at the Arab show. David and I buddy up and have been friends ever since. I feel he is my brother from a different mother. I have gone down every year to the ranch 2 to 5 times a year to help and learn ranch life . It has helped me so much with my horsemanship and Stockmanship. It is the most favorite thing I do with my horses. I have made  long time friends that come down and feel exactly like I do. We have the best of times. The camping and doing a job on your horse to me is the greatest.To be able to check out for a few days to a week , from you other life, is so good for your soul. I have been able to know start my grandson down the path I follow and they love it. I asked my oldest grandson what was the best part of the ranch ? He said riding horses grandma. It does not get any better then that.

Roxanne Hill  3-3-2016

My first experience at the ranch was a bit scary for Katie, she's a warmblood with no cow experience. David worked with us in the sorting pen and she did fine. On our next visit we worked the gate moving cows into the tumbler, she nipped at em when they didn't get moving as fast as she wanted. Great experience for us both, had a wonderful time riding the range and David and Faith Stackley are the absolute best hosts. Going again this spring.

Denise Farrow Wanbaugh  3-12-2016

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