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David Stackley
9647 N.E. Cole Creek Road
Eldorado, Kansas  67042
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Milbourn  Working Cattle Ranch

A  Ranching Experience Adventure

David Stackley - 5th generation rancher, Stockman ,Horseman and Clinican. Double degree's from K-state. Contact with information below on clinics at the ranch or at your place.

David and Roxanne have been offering for groups of people to come out to the ranch to experience ranch life for 19 years. David has the background of being raised on the ranch and coming from generations of Stockman ranchers and good horseman . David developed a breeding horse program that has produced  great ranch horses that can do it all. Having  the stamina to cover the miles on the Flint Hills terrain, to going into a herd quietly to cutting out a cow but then to go into a full gallop to stop a run away. Light on it feet to get back and make quick sweeping turns. Quiet enough to put grandma on. David has a great way of being able to help people with their horses while in the the middle of doing a job. He has a great way of making it all fun. If it has been on your bucket list to work cattle from horse back. Your horse or his . Contact either David or Roxanne to start your adventure.

Guest Information

Rate for Cowboy College:The cost is $120.00 per day.  You can ride one day or as many days in scheduled for the event.This fee covers instructions on cow working , horsemanship, horse pen, electrical hook up , water and two meals per day.

Rate for Trail rides:Trail fee per day $15 ( guided trail) . Horse pens per stay per horse $10. Camping Elec. hookup $10 per day. Catered Lunch & Dinner $20.00

Meals : Breakfast is on your own. We will have someone catering lunch and dinner .

Horse Leasing: To lease a ranch horse for the day it will run $100 per day.

Accommodations: Camping in your trailer or can pitch a tent. There is  electrical hook up for trailers or heaters. A ranch camper maybe available for $10 per person per night.
  Accommodations in the area:

Motels in El Dorado, about 30 minutes away .They are; the Super 8 316-321-4888 and  Red Coach Best Western 316-321-6900.

Facilities:In the tack room is a shower and sink that can be used by guests. The famous K-state decorated outhouse will be available or you can use the bathroom off of the kitchen in the ranch house.

Horses Accommodations:There will be a mare pen and gelding pen for those that play well with others.  Some pens are large enough to hold 2 or more horses , as long as they get along.You will need to bring your own buckets, hay and feed. Large pens have lean to . Small pens inside barn. If you want shavings for your pen you will need to bring your own. Mainly if they are inside the barn. Out door stalls will not need them. Each horse that comes to the ranch will need a current coggins and health certificate if crossing any state line. It is highly recommended that you have all you vaccinations current.  Strangles and influenza shots are not long lasting so you may want to get a booster  before coming. You do need to clean your indoor stall out before leaving.

Relaxation:  Alcohol is permitted in the evening. BYOB.

Bring clothes for all kinds of weather elements . Clothes you can layer. Rain gear a must. Sometimes we get caught out in the rain. Mud boots are also a good idea while doing chores for your horse. 

Smoking : Is permitted but only in the campground area, on the roads. Never in any of the pastures as you are riding along.  All cigarettes are to be extinguished and put in your pocket carried out to be put in trash. No throwing butts ,live or out ,on ground.

Reservations:  Email  Roxanne Hill at roxszuzuspetals at to let us know you are interested in coming down for any of the events.There is limited spaces . So if you would like a place held, you need to put down a deposit to hold a space. Make the check out to David Stackley for $25.00 per person. See Registration Form page to fill out Registration for Cowboy College and send   along with your deposit checks. Send to Roxanne Hill at address found on Contact Us Page.
    If you are interested in coming out trail riding or just riding along while doing the cattle work . There is a place on the registration for trail rides to fill out  on the Registration form page. Call David and talk to him personal to set it up any other events not listed. Fill out the form and email it or print. David's contact information is at the bottom of every page or on Contact us Page.

Roxanne Hill - Host of Ranch Experiences and Shipping/pasture weaning.

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