Milbourn Ranch
David Stackley
9647 N.E. Cole Creek Road
Eldorado, Kansas  67042
316-321-4615  316-377-7775
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Milbourn  Working Cattle Ranch

A  Ranching Experience Adventure

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The Milbourn Ranch was started six generations ago. Check out the Ranch History page for the story about the Ranch and the family that started it. The current families that are living and working the Milbourn Ranch are: Arlan and Mary Milbourn- Stackley, David and Faith Stackley , children Madelyn and Cade Stackley. David Stackley has been helping horses with people problems and people with horse problems since he can remember. He has been doing these type of "Cowboy Colleges" for six years. He utilizes the work of the ranch and the terrain to help people get into a partnership with their horses. David has made it a quest to work in quiet harmony with his horses and cattle. Tom Dorrence Ray Hunt been a great influence on David‘s horsemanship along with Bud Williams in his cattle work. Like all teachers,David continues in his learning. When Lee Smith , a long time friend and fellow Clinician , is in town. They will spend time sharing what they have learned in their horsemanship.